Unlock Your Social Super Power

Written by Henrik Fexeus on 2018-12-17
Din sociala superkraft


For the first time in ten years! Henrik is on stage with no illusions and no tricks, but with a presentation that will turn you into a social super hero in one night. In Your Social Super Power, Henrik reveals how you can use simple techniques to create trust, get attention, solve conflicts and get others to make better choices. The secret is a skill that you already have – but never learnt to use properly. Many of us are worse than ever when it comes to social interaction. At the same time, research tells us that good relationships are necessary for our happiness. In this talk, you learn how to take back and sharpen your social skill. Prepare for a night of laughter and astonishing insights, while getting the tools you need to create the life you deserve.

[Update: Last tour date may 22, 2019]

Produced by Atikko

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