Written by Henrik Fexeus on 2015-04-24


The Mind Ringmaster is finally back on the stage!

In his brand new show, Henrik will take the audience on a personal journey. From the eight-year old who tries to understand why people do what they do, to how he became interested in human behaviour – and controlling it.

BOX is about our memories and experiences, what boxes we choose to live in. What happens if we change someones memories – or someones reality? In BOX, the audience can never be sure of what really happened and what was just in their mind. BOX is a fun, personal, and entertaining show, which at the same time manages to be both scary and subtle.

BOX is a brand new show written by Henrik Fexeus & Morgan Alling and directed by Morgan Alling. With two hours of original music by Henrik Fexeus.

Watch BOX on YouTube here!

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