The Art of Reading Minds

– what we tell each other without knowing it

A good relationship is the foundation of any meaningful exchange. If you can’t make somebody want to hear you out and trust you first, they won’t listen to what you say.

In this funny and surprising lecture, Henrik teaches you how to use your unconscious, non-verbal communication to form a good relationship with anybody, so that you can get people to like you as well as listen to you.

Length 70 mins

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How to get Mental Superpowers

– boot camp for your brain

You are capable of much more than you realize. Henrik explains how you can use your brain in a much more efficient way. You’ll learn simple shortcuts and psychological tricks that will let you achieve results you didn’t believe possible.

Henrik uses comedy and unexpected demonstrations to get the whole audience to sharpen their mental superpowers, and they can get started before the lecture is even over. This isn’t just about getting smarter, it’s about a whole new attitude to yourself.

Length approx 45 or 60 mins

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Your Positive Power

– get other people to do what you want and love you for it

Have you ever tried to get somebody else to do something you wanted? In that case, you’ve used power. Everybody does it all the time, but not everybody does it well. Effective power isn’t something that you take from others, it’s something that others give to you.

Henrik uses everyday examples and astonishing demonstrations to reveal the surprising truth about Power. How much power you actually have, how you should use it, and why other people will love you for using it.

Length 45 mins

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