The Lost


The Last Illusion. Book One

When Ky makes a hole in her wall by accident, she finds something that was never meant for her. Something that will change her life forever.

At the same time, in another part of Stockholm, Adam is starting to doubt his sanity when the world changes in front of his eyes. Is someone toying with him, or is he really going insane?

A silver coloured car follows his every step. Beings whose faces are hidden in shadow. Underground tunnels where it is hard to breathe, but easy to lose yourself.

Ky and Adam meet and together they are propelled into a claustrophobic adventure which raises questions about thruth and reality. Is the world as we know it just an illusion?

The Lost is Henrik’s debut as a fiction writer, and is the first book in the The Last Illusion series.

Enchanting, strange, and captivating

Skånska Dagbladet