The Hollow


The Last Illusion. Book Two

None of them could take the final step. They looked at each other, incapable of doing anything else.

“We’re heading back up to fight the grey” she finally said. “To fight whatever is left of Jaquin.”

He took deep breath.

“He’s back.”

Adam and Ky tries to make sense of what has happened. They have been manipulated, and Stockholm – the city in which they live and thought they knew – is just an illusion. They won the first battle with the The Grey, an army of soulless creatures. But the war is far from over. The city needs to be saved and time is running out, it is starting to disintegrate and vanish. The need to be careful is greater than ever. Reality has never been as frail, and your best friend might be your worst enemy.

The Hollow is the exiting sequel to The Lost.

Exiting and intense [with] a mystical shimmer