The Art of Social Excellence


Superior Social Skills

In Finesse, Henrik teaches a type of social skill reserved for a privileged few – until now. People with social finesse are more often appointed leaders, gets promoted faster and can quickly create meaningful and deep relationships with others. They are masters in guiding other people to where they need to be and can solve a conflict before it gets heated. These are the people who never resorts to small talk and whom you long for to meet again, since they make your existence meaningful. In this book Henrik explains how to super charge your social skill so you yourself can get Finesse.

These techniques not only work well, they are essential. Our social training and empathic skill is on a downslide. We have never misunderstood other people as much as we do today. At the same time, research shows that the only necessary ingredient for happiness is to have close and intimate relationships. The techniques described in Finesse will enhance your social ability and give you the tools to create the meaningful life you deserve.

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