The Morning Studio (Morgonstudion)

Henrik was part of SVT:s coverage of the Swedish governmental election. He analyzed the body language of the political party leaders, live for SVT Agenda, during the Almedalsvecka. Henrik was also a regular guest at SVT Morgonstudio, one of Sweden’s largest morning tv shows, in the weeks leading up the election, where he explained the non-verbal signals used by Swedish politicians in tv interviews.

Bake Off VIP

The 2018 season of Bake Off saw Henrik not as a host, but as a contestant alongside Malin Gramer, Josefin Crafoord, Pia Johansson, Jonas Hallberg, Roddy “Hero” Benjaminson and Tilde Fröling, amongst others. Even though Henrik had no prior knowledge of baking (“I hadn’t even baked a sponge cake before this”, he admitted in TV4 Morning News), and even though many of his contestants were very experienced bakers, Henrik managed to win the prestigious contest.

“- I used the techniques I know, in order to quickly learn a new skill set and optimize it”, explains Henrik. “No matter how far away from my own comfort zone. I can’t very well write books on mental super powers without trying to use them myself.”

The diploma and medal hangs proud on Henrik’s wall.

By myself (Kan själv)

“By myself – a podcast about human behaviour” was Henrik’s own podcast, where he along with his guests discussed different aspects of our existence. Every episode dealt with a new topic, with the ambition of giving tips and techniques that might make live more fun. Guests were, among others: Stefan Sauk, Laila Bagge, Viktor Frisk, Carolina Neurath, Mats Strandberg, Mia Törnblom, Tony Irving, Alexander Pärleros, Hampus Nessvold, Ellen Bergström and Per Holknekt. Episodes are available at iTunes, ilikeradio.seand your favourite podcast app.



Henrik was a regular panelist on the popular morning radio show Dilemma. In Dilemma, Henrik and friends tried to solve life problems submitted by the listeners, under the guiding hand of Anders S Nilsson. Other panelists in the show was, amongst others, bl a Claes Malmberg, Martin Timell, Thomas Järvheden, Malin Gramer, Tobias Persson, Josefin Crafoord, Fredrik Virtanen and Anton Körberg. Dilemma was being broadcast in Mix Megapol every saturday and sunday 8-11am.

The Morning News (Nyhetsmorgon)

Henrik is a recurrent guest on TV4’s The Morning News, during autumn 2014 and spring 2015. Every week he helps people to get rid of social fears, and uses entertaining social experiments to demonstrate how it is possible to change your own life into something even better.

Henrik was also one of of TV4’s experts during the 2014 governmental elections, where he analysed the body language and subconscious behaviour of swedish party leaders during the political debates. This had never been done before on swedish television.

The Dating Code (Kärlekskoden)

In The Dating Code, Henrik asked if love can be produced by means of scientific matchmaking, or if it will always be a mystery. In this, the world’s first scientific dating show, eighteen lovesick singles were put through a series of psychological, physiological and social experiments in order to help them find true love in a jungle of attraction and relationships. The Dating Codewas both loved and hated for shaking the very foundation of how we’ve previously looked at romance.

Head Office (Huvudkontoret)

Huvudkontoret was a simultaneous TV, radio and web production. Henrik Fexeus and Susanne Delastacia sat down in front of the cameras once a week to filter three hot topics through their unconventional minds for thirty minutes of fast paced discussion.

No censorship, no retakes. With conversation touching on topics ranging from death, advertising, evil, comedy, and Dr. Who, anything could happen – and often did!


Sweden’s got talent (Talang)

Henrik was given the prestigious duty of serving on the jury of Talang alongside Charlotte Perrelli and Bert Karlsson.

He was specifically tasked with helping less common forms of expression find their way on to the show, and he promised to wrestle Bert to the ground on live TV if his low-brow antics were to go out of control. Fortunately for Henrik, this never became necessary.


Henrik hosted seven 90 minute episodes of the talk show Tema, where he moderated discussions on a diverse array of topics including violence, cancer, entrepreneurship, dyslexia, cochlear implants and the importance of play.

Mind Storm (Hjärnstorm)

A unique TV series that ran for two seasons, in which Henrik performed psychological experiments on people, and often filmed them with hidden cameras. The demonstrations were in turn used as a basis for discussions with psychology and behavioral studies experts.

Hjärnstorm was one of the most talked-about shows on TV that year, and was chosen to represent SVT at the 2008 INPUT TV fair in Johannesburg.