Bake Off VIP

The 2018 season of Bake Off saw Henrik not as a host, but as a contestant alongside Malin Gramer, Josefin Crafoord, Pia Johansson, Jonas Hallberg, Roddy “Hero” Benjaminson and Tilde Fröling, amongst others. Even though Henrik had no prior knowledge of baking (“I hadn’t even baked a sponge cake before this”, he admitted in TV4 Morning News), and even though many of his contestants were very experienced bakers, Henrik managed to win the prestigious contest.

“- I used the techniques I know, in order to quickly learn a new skill set and optimize it”, explains Henrik. “No matter how far away from my own comfort zone. I can’t very well write books on mental super powers without trying to use them myself.”

The diploma and medal hangs proud on Henrik’s wall.