Name: Henrik Andreas Fexeus
Height: 179 cm
Cranium circumference: 56,5 cm
Body temperature: 37,4 °C
Secret hobby: folding origami-dinosaurs
Is often located: Surprisingly close to you

Henrik Fexeus was born into an unsuspecting world in 1971. Around the time he began primary school, his interest in magic began. This would come to make his years of school a real trial, although not so much for Henrik himself as for the other kids.

In his teens, Henrik realized that magic is really a form of unconscious influence, an attempt to control other people’s beliefs and actions. To this day, he’s still amazed that nobody told him how useful that knowledge would be for meeting girls.

He maintained his interest in the ways that people influence each other. Henrik has studied communication techniques and mental skills drawn from a number of different fields, from classical psychology to hypnosis, and has analyzed the use of influence in media, advertising, propaganda and memetics.

“Henrik has been told that his powers are dangerous, but he denies that absolutely.”

Today, he is Sweden’s most famous psychological manipulator, mental illusionist and conveyor of knowledge of unconscious communication and influence. Henrik has written eight books, that have sold more than a million copies world wide, and have been translated into 30 languages so far.
However, Henrik is in his true element when he’s on stage, whether it be in the role of lecturer or of mentalist. His own distinct brand of chicanery and genuine psychological techniques makes him a unique entertainer who has sold out shows all over the world. In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Dunninger Memorial Award in the USA, “For Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism”.

On the other hand, he also won the Most Embarrassing TV Host of 2014 award in Sweden. Win some, lose some. Henrik has been told that his powers are dangerous, but he denies that absolutely. Instead, he describes himself as a nice, easy-going guy who likes people.

Especially people who do what he wants.