The Mind Ringmaster is finally back on the stage!

In his brand new show, Henrik will take the audience on a personal journey. From the eight-year old who tries to understand why people do what they do, to how he became interested in human behaviour – and controlling it.

BOX is about our memories and experiences, what boxes we choose to live in. What happens if we change someones memories – or someones reality? In BOX, the audience can never be sure of what really happened and what was just in their mind. BOX is a fun, personal, and entertaining show, which at the same time manages to be both scary and subtle.

BOX is a brand new show written by Henrik Fexeus & Morgan Alling and directed by Morgan Alling. With two hours of original music by Henrik Fexeus.

"Leaves you breathless"

- Arbetarbladet

"Explosive slaps in the face of doubt"

- Gefle Dagblad


In Your Head (I Ditt Huvud)


IN YOUR HEAD was Henrik’s second tour, with 50 sold out shows performed across the nation. The show was directed by Peder Bjurman and dealt with topics like group behaviour and the influence of crowds, all illustrated by Henrik’s unique demonstrations.

IN YOUR HEAD also featured the infamous séance, as well as the audience managing to “unlock” (quite literally) the entire show by using their minds.


"Great skill and elegance"

‒ Skånska dagbladet


Circus of the Mind (SinnesCirkus)


The CIRCUS was Henrik’s first big tour. It did two legs across Sweden and blew a record number of minds.

In the CIRCUS, the audience was influenced(?) by subliminal films, Henrik “proved” that telepathy exists and one audience member predicted how the entire show would end, two hours in advance – and over the phone.



‒ Göteborgsposten

"History in the making"

‒ Göteborgsposten